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    Harvard Title Agency Cleveland Ohio

Contact Us Regarding Your Title and Escrow Needs

Harvard Title Agency serves the title and escrow needs of all of Ohio.

Please contact us with your questions and inquiries.

Harvard Title Agency

3611 Prospect Ave E
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
216-485-3550 Office Phone
216-862-9782 Office Fax

Service Inquiries

216-485-3550 Office ext 1002

Escrow Inquiries

216-485-3550 Office ext 1002

By Individual:

Clark Broida, President

216-390-3154 Mobile
216-862-9782 Fax

Lynn Wolski, Senior Escrow Officer

216-407-7533 Mobile
216-862-9782 Fax

Debra Hamelin, Sales Manager

216-319-1880 Mobile
216-862-9782 Fax

Audry Hoegler, Service & Marketing Director

216-233-5148 Mobile
216-862-9782 Fax